Here is a list of 14 geographic zones of Nepal. The zones are alphabetically sorted according to English character.

The data is also available to download in the following formats.

Bagmati (बागमती)
Bheri (भेरी)
Dhawalagiri (धवलागिरी)
Gandaki (गण्डकी)
Janakpur (जनकपुर)
Karnali (कर्णाली)
Koshi (कोशी)
Lumbini (लुम्बिनी)
Mahakali (महाकाली)
Mechi (मेची)
Narayani (नारायणी)
Rapti (राप्ती)
Sagarmatha (सगरमाथा)
Seti (सेती)

The following is a graphical representation of these Zones using Neo4j Graph database.


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