Nepali Language Basics – Nepali Ka Kaa Ki

The following is a list of possible Nepali Consontants + Vowel Mix (full letters) क, का, कि, की, कु, कू, के, कै, को, कौ, कं, क: ख, खा, खि, खी, खु, खू, खे, खै, खो, खौ, खं, ख: ग, गा, गि, गी, गु, गू, गे, गै, गो, गौ, गं, ग: घ, घा, घि, घी, घु, [...]

Nepali Sambidhan 2072 – Word Frequency – Which word appears how many times

Wrote a little computer program to count the total number of words in Nepali Sambidhan 2072 BS to find the word density / frequency. Words like बमोजिम, प्रदेश and संघीय have very high number of occurrences. The word संविधान appears itself for 142 times. Some other interesting words – कानून appears for 310 times, नेपाल [...]